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Jaris says:    

2015, Weekly Splash Series
 Living at the Top of Your Game!
 "Sit With Me!  Core Awareness & Core Strengthening Tips!"
Elementary Spine-Anatomy:
Recall with me:  
The "human body has a total of 206 bonesAnd, the human spine, the back, the spinal column, has 33 vertebrae, the rib cage, housing the elongated spinal cord, all organs, major arteries, veins, blood supply, wrapped in muscles, nerves, cartilage, tendons& more!
Our healthy spines, are critical for continuing our mobility, and, for many reasons, responsible, for sustaining, our overall good health, as we age!
Concentrate, if you will, right now, on your spinal column, feet flat on the floor, esp., both heels, making contact with the floor;  In a comfortable sitting position, from the head, shoulders back, - even weight distributed - balanced,, neck fully upright, jaw relaxed, stomach, pressing your belly button, backwards, slightly uplifted, to your spine................
 Remember to Breathe easily!
Nothing to it!  Right?
 Yet, often we all are guilty of slouching!  Yikes, poor posture habits, projecting a lazy personality!
Proper Posture Note: 
Pressing, squeezing, the stomach in & uplifting, the belly button, towards the spine, is an excellent habit to have, strengthening the Lumbar area, of the spine, which is susceptible to injury!
It does take practice!  But, only, perfect practice, makes perfect posture!
And, excellent posture, feels good & projects self confidence!
Health Benefits of Proper Sitting Technique:
- Boost circulation to the brain, heart & lungs, all organs
- Provides good circulation to legs, feet
- Allows for full lung capacity
- Improves digestion
- Promotes healthy elimination
            Just for starters!
Pitfalls of poor Sitting Habits:
- Restricts circulation
- Limits leg vitality
- Compresses bladder & kidneys
- May contribute to constipation
- Squeezes appendix
 -  Binds intestines
Remember to stand up, increasing circulation, walk around, every `20 minutes or so!  And, remember to properly hydrate!
Medical Advisory:  As always, check with your medical team, before beginning an exercise program or a daily, prolonged sitting job or responsibility, requiring prolonged sitting!
        Hey, don't just Sit, there!
            Game On!,
                    Holly Fairfield




Jaris Waide is a freelance writer and is currently writing a column called "Splash" for the Riverbender.com news website in the Alton Area.  We have chosen to republish her weekly columns here as a way of highlighting her work as part of her life achievements and to use it as a way of welcoming our classmates to the website. 
If you have some special work or achievements you would like to share with classmates then click on contact us and we will find some way to include what you do on this website.  It is all about getting to know each other again.  We may remember how we were back then; but, we are here now and it is good to get to know each other again before we meet in October!