Touring AHS/AMS


We did the tour of the Old High School Buildings, thanks to Laura Munson; our classmate, and a current principal, escorting us through the facility we knew as Alton Senior High School. 


The children attending school there are in a "closed campus" situation. 


Not at all like what we experienced when we attended school there. 


In our day, the campus was open and we traveled every hour passing from class to class throughout the day. 


From the top of the Main Building on the fourth floor, to the 2nd floor of the Annex clear across the pit. 


You could make it without a tardy if you got with it, and did not stop to pass go and collect your $200 as they say in Monopoly.


The buildings are still there and look very similar as they did in our day.


However, they have new characterThey beckoned some of us back to see them again and to experience them anew!


On the next few pages you will find a slide shows of those of us who took the tour and the things we found in the old /new school.