Facebook & Class Website

There is a Facebook  APP


"Class Connection"

designed by our website providers Class Creator



 To sync your smart phone and / or Facebook account, with this website watch the tutorial video below called Easy Join.



 This Facebook  APP   will assist in:

  • finding classmates
  • inviting them to join the class website 
  • enhancing our class website experience
  • increase communications between classmates
  • notify you of class website activity on your facebook page
  • help you connect with members of other classes
  • provide security for us and our information


Easy Join




If you are interested in learning more about the new Class Connection App

please see the following you tube videos.


Respecting Privacy on Class Connection




How to add Photos and Videos to your Profile




Easy Invite Tool




Finding Classmates with Graph Search




Managing Modules

(for admins)



Visit another class on Class Connection




How Class Creator and Class Connection work together





What's New

(for admins)