Eagles Soar

These photos are for the enjoyment of everyone who loves the local natural treasures of our Midwest region.  Eagles are magnificient creatures!




A Bald Eagle I photographed over the Mississippi River at Lock and Dam #24 in Clarksville MO. Here he was banking hard to reverse directions. — in Clarksville, MO



















An immature Bald Eagle starting out over the Mississippi River to hunt for a meal.









A very large mature Bald Eagle with a freshly caught fish heads for a perch. The background is the main lock wall at #26 in Alton IL.





 "Ariel Combat"

A pretty intense ariel battle in progress over a fish, with one mature Bald Eagle attacking another in an effort to make him drop his catch. I photographed this at Lock and Dam #26 in Alton IL.
— at Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary.





An immature Bald Eagle about to ruin some poor fishes day. — in Clarksville, MO.





















"Here Comes Trouble"

This is a continuation of a series of action photos I took last February where several eagles were fighting over a scrap of fish. It was about 3 degrees with a very stiff wind, light snow falling, terribly overcast, flat light, thus making it pretty miserable to be outside. Here a third mature Bald Eagle is dropping in on the other two that had just separated from a skirmish. I loved the way they were looking up at him waiting for another battle to start. A very large seagull is also hovering around hoping to grab the fish when they get distracted. — at Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary.
Scott Evers Photography




A group of Eagles far out on the ice on the Mississippi River are fighting over a scrap of fish that one had and the others were trying to steal. None of them look to happy about another eagle coming in to join the squabble. — at Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary.










I photographed this guy as he was soaring over lock and dam #26 in Alton. Frigid cold, but once the sun got up it really got the wind going strong. This made my standing out in the open painfully cold, but the swirling current around the locks allow the eagles to soar on the up draft. This was a long shot from about 1/4 mile away. Always gives me goosebumps no matter how many times I photograph this.
— at Lock and Dam Number 26.




"Dirty Bird"
I finally got out yesterday to try a little eagle photography along the Mississippi River between the Alton and Grafton IL. areas. A very cloudy, grey, no light day made it tough to get any kind of good photos, but here is one I liked. It looks like this guy had been down in the silty mud somewhere.
— in Grafton, IL.





A Bald Eagle tip toeing thru the mud flats to pick up an easy meal. I was planning on going for eagle photos today, but it is snowing and blowing, and I think I will have another cup of coffee and rethink that idea.
















A head shot portrait of a captive Bald Eagle. The only way you get to see the intricate detail in their plumage and eye.  Scott Evers Photography!